Summer Camp 2012!

We have another fun, active and educational Summer Camp planned at Tree Top Academy.  We are offering two main programs, one for preschool aged children and one for school aged children.

Our school aged camp runs 5 days per week for the entire summer for $177 per week including all fees.  We are also offering three day per week programs at $120 per week.   Activities include water parks every week (supervised at a 1 to 9 ratio), the rodeo in Davie, sports lessons and lots of fun, exciting and educational local venues.

Our preschool program pricing will remain the same as our school year pricing plus a small weekly activity fee.  The activity fee will cover our “in-house field trips” (1’s, 2’s and 3’s do not leave our secure campus) which will include a petting farm, magic shows,  funny shows, water play and pony rides to name a few of the great things we have planned.  In addition to these fun activities we have a few short field trips planned for the preK classes.

Detailed activity calendars for for 1’s to Pre K and for school aged children are posted under the “Information” tab under “Summer Camp”.  Please note that any activities published herein are subject to change for any reason.

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4 Responses to Summer Camp 2012!

  1. Can a 5 year old that does not attend Tree Top during the school year attend summer camp?

  2. jturner says:

    Mindy, Yes, we can accommodate children who are not enrolled in our school during the regular school year.

  3. Tonia Vassallo says:

    Do the preschool children need to wear a uniform for summer camp or are play clothes acceptable? We will be attending Tree Top in the fall, but have not purchased any uniforms as of yet. Thanks!

  4. jturner says:

    Uniforms are not required for the Summer, so don’t worry about the Tree Top shirts. On that subject, however, Land’s end will be offering a one cent logo special from July 13th to the 17th.

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