Professional Development

At Tree Top Academy, we value and invest in the professional development of our teachers. Here are some of the professional development events that some or all of our teachers participated in during the 2016-2018 school year.

February 2016
CPR training
Palm Beach Day Academy School Visit
Outdoor Learning at Jonathan Dickenson Park

March 2016
North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Conference

April 2016
Conscious Discipline Conference

May 2016
Bottega Child Development Center School Visit
The Hundred Languages of Children Exhibit in Miami
Harvard University Online Course

July 2016
Public Waldorf Conference with Summer by the Sea                                                 Conscious Discipline Book Study

October 2016
Habits of Mind ColLABorate South Florida                                                                 Interrater Reliability Gold Training

November 2016
Loris Malaguzzi International Center in Reggio Emilia, Italy

February 2017
Harvard University Online Course                                                                                 CLASS Training

June 2017

Conscious Discipline School Family

August 2017

FAU Project Training
Basic Conscious Discipline Training
School Family Conscious Discipline with Ginny Luther

October 2017

VPK Math Training with Heather Sargent
Conscious Discipline Training with Ginny Luther
Career Advising with Erica Lamb
CD Conscious Crew
November 2017