Our Team

Exemplary Educators.  Accomplished Administrators.

Teacher Education

Did you know? At Tree Top Academy, 75% of our lead teachers have achieved a bachelor’s degree, including several who hold a masters degree. Over 94% of our lead teachers have an associate degree or higher. The average years that our lead teachers have been teaching is 10 years. Our top three teachers with the most teaching experience have 26, 21 and 18 years of experience.

We value and invest in the professional development of our teachers. Please visit our professional development page to see some of the events that our teachers have participated in.


Cassandra Keller
Sharon Zicaro
Tammy Ostuni
Thais Pernia Joyce                                     
Megan James  
Jen Rivera                                                                  

Teachers: One Year Olds

Miss Michelle
Miss Ashleigh

Teachers: Two Year Olds

Miss Carmen
Miss Egly
Miss Karen
Miss Elizabeth
Miss Chelsea
Miss Carol   
Miss Cayla 
Miss Nancy                                                                                                                      

Teachers: Three Year Olds

Miss Hays
Miss Kim
Miss Jenny
Miss Nicole
Miss Alyssa
Miss Kristin                                          Miss Alissa

Teachers: Four Year Olds

Miss Kat
Miss Elliot
Miss Evans
Miss Holly
Miss Lori
Miss Jen M.
Miss Nicola
Miss Vilmarie


Miss Marlena
Miss Lori
Miss Evans
Miss Holly