Miss Jen R

4 Year Old Team
At Tree Top Academy Since 2014

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, SUNY Oneonta

I am married and have a son. I enjoy spending time with my family and attempting to train our adopted puppy. I grew up on Long Island in NY, but relocated to Florida. I love to incorporate books into my lessons that the children can connect with, especially by Eric Carle or Lois Ehlert. The illustrations are always bright and detailed.

Teaching is a passion and each day is an exciting gift filled with a lot of love and smiles. I love learning alongside my children about their interests. It’s wonderful to have the ability to impact a child’s learning by helping to build a solid learning foundation. There are so many things that I love about Tree Top Academy, mostly the support and freedom that as teachers we receive on a daily basis. The fact that we are encouraged to take on new challenges. If we stumble or make mistakes, well so be it. It only reminds us that we are all human and taking risks makes life exciting. That is what teaching is all about.