Cassandra Keller

Director of Early Learning
At Tree Top Academy Since 2013

• Doctorate in Education, Florida Atlantic University
• Associate Professor of Education, Lynn University
• Adjunct Faculty, Florida Atlantic University
• Educator for over 23 years

Miss Keller has been involved in education for over twenty years and has taught at just about every level from Preschool on up through university postgraduate programs. Prior to joining our staff she was an Associate Professor of Education at Lynn University in Boca Raton where she specialized in instructional strategies and led their graduate programs in education.

While one of her children was attending Tree Top’s VPK program, she was so impressed with our educational approach that she asked us to present our ideas to her undergraduate class and other university faculty. We are very pleased to have Miss Keller as part of our TreeTop Academy team of educators who are dedicated to providing well researched, age appropriate, learning experiences for the children of our community.