Welcome to Tree Top Academy

Our preschool is committed to a safe, warm and caring environment within the context of best learning practices in early childhood education.   We accomplish this through hiring and retaining the best teachers, staying on top of the latest research in early education and providing excellent professional development opportunities for our teachers and administrators.  We will also continue to enrich our school environment with interesting and inspiring toys and materials.

We offer a program inspired by the practices of the schools run by the municipality of Reggio Emilia Italy (the Reggio Emilia approach or Reggio approach). After reviewing the many well respected approaches to early childhood education we chose to adapt the practices inspired by these schools.   The Reggio approach puts children at the center of their learning similar to Montessori, however it allows for more creative and imaginative play/learning.  I was drawn to the Reggio approach after watching how my own children learned as they explored the different environments around them.  Our Director, Margarita Medina, has extensive experience working in Reggio inspired schools.

The Reggio approach has many elements and can be incorporated with and complimented by other educational tools.   We use the State approved Creative Curriculum as our base educational curriculum.  We also have incorporated Visible Thinking into our program. Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach which cultivates young students’ thinking skills and dispositions, and deepens content learning.  It was developed at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero.

Our ultimate goal at Tree Top Academy is to help children lay a foundation for lifelong learning and creative thinking that will serve them well throughout their future educational and career endeavors.

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    Actually difficult to find qualified people within this topic, nevertheless, you seem like you understand exactly what you are preaching about! Bless you

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